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          Welcome to visit Changzhou Boyuan Plastic Co., Ltd. Website

          Changzhou Boyuan Plastic Co., Ltd.


          OUR ADVANTAGES :

          1) MOQ : We can supply you the low mini order quantity 

          2) OEM : We can produce the goods as per the customer requirement.

          3) Service : We are much more concern for the ON TIME DELIVERY & QUALITY 

          OUR SERVICES :

          1) Quality & Service : We take care of the product quality in order to provide good service to our customers.

          2) Price :  In order to serve more better to our customer we are always finding the way to reduce the price.

          3) Special Service : In this competitive world we always provide a promotion offers to our customer so our customer can able to save a good amount.


          1) During the production we arrange the samples as per the customer requirement , then we will keep in touch with our customer in the whole process.

          2) After customer received the goods we check and take the necessary followup with the customer in order to solve some small mistakes in next lot.


          1.Can I purchase products which are not shown on the website?
          Yes. Please send us your detailed requirements and we will try to help with your specific needs

          2.How can I place an order?
          You can contact us by email (see contact page)

          3.Where do you loading the goods?
          Shanghai or Ningbo or Qingdao port etc.

          4.How to pay us  ?
          You can pay by Paypal, L/C  T/T

          5.What is the type of our transportation ?
          As your requirements , By ship or by air

          6.Can we offer the customers product sample?
          Yes ,after receiving your inquiry , we will arrange to send the sample within 3 days

          7.How do we pack  the  goods ?
          According to customer's request. 
          Main packing is box

          8.What is our payment terms?
          FoBshanghai or other city in china,or CIF Destination

          9.Can we also offer the service with OEM and ODM?
          Yes,we can offer OEM/ODM service,please send us your brand information and specification

          10.How long is the warranty of our products?
          Gernerally about 1year.Depend on the water quality in your place.

           Changzhou Boyuan Plastic Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of water treatment accessories.
          Address#8,Boyuan,Lijia industrial park,Jiangsu,ChinaCoprightChangzhou Boyuan Plastic Co., Ltd.